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So here's where I regale you with a thing or two about me. 

My real name is Lori A. Witt.  I was born and raised in Seattle, spent five years in Norfolk, Virginia, then moved to Okinawa, Japan, at the end of 2008, where I currently live with my husband and two cats.  In late 2011, we relocated back to the States to spend three years in Nebraska.

Here be me:

I write full-time now, but in other times and places, I have worked in everything from customer service to lower management, from jewelry to car rentals to compressed gas equipment to adult film production. I was also a professional photographer at one point, but decided I enjoyed it more as a hobby than a career. My husband and I still enjoy photography and happen to live in a place that lends itself very well to a couple of shutterbugs. Pictures and tales of our adventures here can be found, in between rantings and commentary on writing, on my personal blog.

  •  So, why two pseudonyms if you're just going to tell people you're the same person?
    • My pseudonyms have never been used as an effort to hide who I am, nor have I ever tried to keep it a secret that L. A. Witt and Lauren Gallagher are the same person.  The purpose of having two names is to let readers know at a glance what they're getting. Of course the covers and blurbs make it clear if it's gay or straight, but the names are just another means of making sure the books are what the reader expects them to be.  So, the intent is not secrecy, just a hint to my readers about what they can expect from the story.
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  •  Will there be any sequels to any of your books?
    • Yes!  Several books already have sequels, and there may be more coming. More than one sequel exists because readers requested or suggested them, so if you are itching for a sequel, feel free to let me know! Not every book will have one -- some stories are simply finished -- but whenever possible, what my readers want, my readers get.
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  •  What can readers expect in 2014?
    • The short answer is...a lot of books.  I've been busy busy busy in 2013, and a lot of those books will be available in 2014. I'm working with multiple co-authors now, so expect to see plenty more of those. Obviously there will be collaborations with Aleksandr Voinov and Cat Grant, but I'm working with a few others too, so stay tuned. 
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  •  Will you be collaborating with any other authors in the future?
    • Indeed! I'm currently writing with both Aleksandr Voinov and Cat Grant, and of course there's the Tucker Springs series with Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan. Additional collaborations are in the works as we speak. 
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  •  What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  •  Is it true you and your husband flew all the way from Japan to Seattle just to see 30 Seconds to Mars in concert?
  •  Seriously?
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    •  Where do you get your ideas?
      • Anywhere and everywhere. I've found inspiration in overheard conversations, a casino billboard, and offhand comments from friend. A few times, I've been angry with something I've seen portrayed in fiction, and responded the only way I knew how: with a story done the way I liked it.  If I'm absolutely tapped out for ideas, I'll pull a dozen or so random pictures from a folder on my computer that contains about 5,000 pictures of people (celebrities, random photos I've seen throughout the internet, etc), and put them together in a collage. Then I ask them - yes, I really do - to tell me their story. Eventually, I start making connections between the people, their personalities emerge, and the story comes from that. It sounds crazy, but it definitely works! (That's how With the Band, Light Switch, Cover Me, The Distance Between Us, Nine-tenths of the Law, and Until It's Over came into existence, among others)  Don't wait for inspiration - seek it out!
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    •  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
      • Write, write, write. Be persistent at every turn, whether you're just trying to get to "The End" or querying agents and editors. It's a long road, it's a lot of work, but persistence and discipline will get you there. Make time to write, find inspiration when it isn't there, and don't ever give up.
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    •  What's your favorite color M&M?
    •  So, how do you feel about how BDSM is often portrayed in fiction?
      • Far too often, it makes me see red and want to use a safe word. I have ranted about it on my blog here and here. (language warning)  I love a good kinky story, but it bothers me to no end the way the lines seem to blur between kink and sexual assault. They. Are. Not. The. Same.
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