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My Blogs
  • Professional: Lauren Gallagher & L. A. Witt - The place to be for updates, release dates, cover art, contests, and random musings about all things writing-related.
  • Personal: Adventures in Navy Wifing - This is where I let my hair down, get a little silly, occasionally spout commentary on the world in general, and post photos from our adventures in Nebraska.  The language can get a little coarse at times, so consider yourself forewarned.  Also updates on current works-in-progress, thoughts about writing, things like that.
  • Marginally Unhinged - My webcomic. Crude at times, and always irreverent, this is where I post my not-very-artistic comics about writing and life in general.  (I haven't updated it in a while, but once I'm a little more caught up on life and work, I will!)

All The People Who Make This Possible

  • Aleksandr Voinov - My awesome co-author, editor, and travel guide. Highly recommend his solo work, especially the Dark Soul series and Skybound.
  • Cat Grant - My other awesome co-author! Her solo stuff includes MMA fighters and Marines. Hawt.
  • Marie Sexton - My other awesome co-author! Trust me, you should read her books. 
  • Anna Zabo - Very talented author who made us all look bad by winning an EPIC Award with her debut novel, and has some amazeballs contemporary stuff in the works.
  • Libbie Hawker - Writer of historical fiction, also one of my primary beta readers.
  • Aislinn Kerry - Writer of deliciously smexy fiction. Sometimes vampires, sometimes pirates, always yummy. 
My Publishers
Authors my readers might also enjoy: (I'm still compiling some links, so many more to come)
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